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Back in the glory 2019 summer, I flew to Firenze, Italy to learn the whole process of handbag making. My enthusiasm as a fashion designer naturally expanded me to be interested in fashion products, especially to leather accessories.

I will never forget the time during Italy when I lived and breathed with peers who love their lives as creators and learned A to Z- from pattern making to leather sewing in the traditional Italian way.  I was able to compare commons and differences between the garment based fashion industry and handbag industry. 

I designed and created my type of suitcase bag made up of deep blue vegetable-tanned leather. I chose veg-tanned leather because it records the wrinkles and scratches that attracted me. Inside the bag, there is an inner pocket to secure personal belongings.  

I expect this well-hand made bag to secure my side for my entire life.

HANDBAG: Selected Work
HANDBAG: Selected Work
HANDBAG: Selected Work
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